Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pottery Photo Session

I should be cleaning my apartment.  Victor from Philly will be arriving around 2ish.  We're running the Army 10-Miler tomorrow.  ACK!  But, instead of cleaning, how about some pottery photos?

This is a handbuilt bowl-thing:


Here is a bowl:


And here are two mugs that sort of are almost alike:


And, now, I suppose I should get back to cleaning ... ugh.


  1. That handbuilt bowl-thing is most beautiful and unique. I find myself imagining things that would rest within to most advantageously display its quirkily pleasing visage. Carrot Cake Cookies? Onion dip? Chickens in a Biskit? No, no, no, there must be contrast! A nice, green, chunky salsa might be nice. Or an ice cream, something flavorful but pale in color with huge, irregular chunks of something . . . dark chocolate, maybe? cinnamon chips? . . . along with . . . round things . . . of a bright but complimentary color. The mind wanders.

    Glad the shutdown has opened up.


  2. omg came across your blog n loved those photos ... so glad u took time out to snap them instead of cleaning ... hehehe!

  3. Cleaning. UGH.
    Love the pottery. As usual.
    Good luck on the run (which you already finished)!