Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Memory Lane

48-hour chick embryo. Drawn in Comparative Vertebrate Embryology Lab. #memorylane

In preparation for a visit by a World Renowned Author, Professor, Ex-Blogger, I have been cleaning out my spare room.  During which, I discovered a treasure trove of memories.  One of which being the above drawing of a 48-hour chick embryo.  Which I made during the most difficult class I ever took, Comparative Vertebrate Embryology.

So, I posted the photo to the facebooks and a former classmate said she had also saved all her drawings and reminded me of the nickname we had given ourselves (ourselves being the 8 students in the class): The Pig Masters.

This was because we spent way too many hours every week in the lab staring into a microscope making sketches of cross-sections of a 10mm pig embryo.  Oh, yeah.  Good times.  And, at 3AM, things could get a little punchy ...

AND, then, tonight, I phoned my BFF from College (who was also in that class) and she was at her mom's house for the rest of the week.  Her mom is amazing (of course, everyone else's mom is always amazing).  She makes some of the best food I have eaten. And lots of it (which was very important to a college student).  BUT, we spoke on the speaker phone today and she was all, "STEVE! IT BEEN LONG TIME! HOW LONG IT BEEN? I THINK YOU SOMETIMES!  YOU GOOD PERSON!  YOU GOOD HEART!"

*sigh*  It's that sort of thing that makes one a little homesick, no?

AND, in other news, things with the BF are going well.
The house is nearly clean.
Work is cool.
And, I just got a promotion (by default ... the other guy didn't want it).
I am now a Senior Environmental Scientist/ (SLASH!) Deputy Program Manager.

Life is pretty damn good, no?


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