Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekends Update: Catching Up Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

Let's play catch-up!  Two weekends ago, I flew to North Carolina.  It was my Dad's 75th Birthday.  So, after work (and after a couple of martinis), I caught a plane to my brother's place in Greensboro.  Then, the next morning, we drove the 3.5 hours to my parents' town.  There we had a lovely lunch with about 10 of my parents' friends in the beautiful (if somewhat stinky) town of Canton. 

Canton's Paper Mill
 After lunch, we just chilled at the parents' house and eventually had dinner at a Thai restaurant.  It was not that great.  It started snowing.  "The snow's supposed to stop around 6PM," Dad said.  It snowed all night. 

The View from My Parents' Deck
Because it was (a) snowy and (2) 24 degrees F outside, I decided to wait to do my 11 mile run until I got to Greensboro.  Which is what I did ... And, then, I had an early dinner and several cocktails with my brother, his gf, and the President of my Greensboro Fan Club. 

Around 7, my brother dropped me off at the airport.  My flight was late.  I didn't arrive in DC until after 10PM.  Luckily, M agreed to pick me up at the airport, so I didn't have to deal with all of the metro construction and single-tracking and shuttle buses.  YAY for M!

During the week, there was the OMGSNOWISCOMING!!! panic.  But it turned out to be some snow and lots of rain. 

Snow Falling on Tulips

M and I had planned to be snowed in together.  We were together (several times during the day.  Hubba hubba.  wink wink nudge nudge), but not snowed in.

And, that brings us to this past weekend ... On Friday night, I had a lovely evening alone.  On Saturday, I ran 8 miles.  And, then, Tomokito and I met Bobby at Alero on U Street for margaritas.  It was a gorgeous day and perfect margarita weather.  On the way home, Tomokito and I stopped for a cocktail at 8407 Kitchen Bar.  Tasty.  Tipsy.  YAY!

Later that evening, M came over (literally).  In the morning, there was more fun and then we walked to DTSS for breakfast at Eggspectations.  And, then, we did a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  And, then, he left (*sad face*).

That afternoon, K-Factor and I went to the pottery studio.  I trimmed and attached handles on 2 mugs and a soup mug.  I also managed to get two large platters moved.  Yay!

After that, I ironed 7 shirts and a pair of pants.  Drank a lot of wine.  Used my oven for the first time (roasting brussels sprouts and rainbow carrots). And read a book until bedtime. 

And, now, you are all caught up on my life.  Huzzah!


P.S.  As some of you may be aware, the Best Day of the Year is this coming Sunday.  I will be in NYC to run the NYC Half Marathon.  If you are also in the NYC, maybe you would like to come cheer me on ... or have a cocktail afterwards.  If you are not in the NYC, I will still gladly accept your cards and presents. LOL

P.P.S.  The first photo is my brother and I when we were maybe 3 & 5.  It was in my parents' living room.


  1. 11 miles! Holy crap!
    I'm always amazed at how much you do on the weekends. How are you not completely exhausted?

    Lil Vuboq is adorable : ).

  2. Canton picked a Pope!!!

    Oh. Wait. Papermill. Ugh. I grew up near one of those. Hammermill.


  3. Which one of those two adorable children are you?

    1. I'm the one on the left. The youngest. The ginger.