Thursday, January 02, 2014


Hi, Kittens!

It's the New Year!  2014!  How the fuck did that happen?  And where did all these eye wrinklez and gray hairz come from?

ANYWAYz, it is the time when one makes resolutions for the New Year (2014!*).  And, here are my New Year's (2014!) Resolutions (in no particular order):

1.  Last year, I read 10 new books (I re-read a lot of other books, but only 10 new ones).  In this New Year (2014!), I resolve to read *at least* TWELVE NEW BOOKS!  I have already started with "Ender's Game," which a couple of my co-workers will not. shut. up. about.  So far, it is not too bad.  Yay! 

2.  Last year, I ran 97 times for a total of 431 miles.  This year (2014!), I will run 500 miles and I will run 500 more.  Just to be the man to run 1000 miles to your door.  A-hahahaha.  I kid.  I resolve to run 100 TIMES!  And, if those 100 times total to 500 miles?  BONUS!!!

3.  Last year, I blogged 30 times.  Ugh.  So few.  This year (2014!), I resolve to blog MORE!  No promises, blogging is so, like, 2010.  BUT, I am old.  It is hard to adjust to these new fangled technological things, like the Tumbler and the Twitter and the Instagram.  SO, I shall continue to post on a a semi-regular basis. 

4. Last year, I continued with my pottery studies and I began to learn tap dance.  This year (2014!), in order to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I will continue to take pottery and tap dance AND I will begin to LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE (possibly Spanish.  but maybe French)!

And, finally...

5. Last year, I bought so many, many supercute pairs of shoes (and boots!).  This year (2014!), I resolve to NOT BUY ANY SHOES (OR BOOTS**)***.

And, what were your New Year's Resolutions?

*I'm sorry.  I'm going to keep typing that until I stop typing 2013.
**Excluding the boots I just bought
***Until, at least, April 2014.


  1. Those are some good resolutions! Have you broken the shoe one yet? How about now? How about now? Yeah, good luck with that one ; ).

    I think you should learn whichever language the cutest boys speak. (I took 4 years of Spanish and 1 year of French - and Spanish is definitely easier, if that helps any).

    My resolutions: Just try to be healthier. And maybe finish the damn book I've been working on (well, more off than on) forever.

  2. jeliot5:34 PM

    DA-DA-DA-DAT-DA! I loved that reference.

    How about now? Michelle is right, no way you are keeping that one.

    I'm impressed. I want to work less and make more art.