Saturday, November 16, 2013

How About Some More Pottery Pix?

Since my last update, so much has happened (ok.  not really).  BUT, anyway, the Army 10-Miler was awesome.  I made it my bitch and took about 5 minutes off my previous time.  Yay me!

I am still taking tap class.

Last week, I took a Living Social Intro to Pickling class.  That was fun.

And, pottery is winding down for the Fall.  I still have a few unfinished bits and bobs, but here are a few more pottery pix for you to enjoy(?):

A bowl!

Two mugs!

A handbuilt mug!

All of them were glazed the same way.  When they were "leather-hard", I sponged black and white slip onto the clay. After they were bisque-fired, I used clear glaze and translucent blue glaze.

And there you have it.  Everything I've made (so far) this Fall is here in this set: Fall 2013.


  1. Pretty! I was beginning to get worried about you.

  2. Great pottery - love the colors (very wintery. Wintry?)

    Congrats on the 10-miler!